Dogma 21 is a space with no guidelines. There are no strategies. No one-sided comments and iterations. Freedom and creativity are the main genetic make up.

Dogma 21 connects brands with creativity to make works of art. Stepping into Dogma 21, we all agree to become creators, not representatives of businesses, services or professions. It’s not where the idea came from, it’s what it can become.
1. Any discriminatory politics (gender, age, nationality, social status, appearance, etc.) are not permissible.

2. Any form of propaganda is not permissible.

3. All production and creative decisions are made through collective voting and are determined by the majority.

4. Blacklists of any kind are not permissible.

5. Any agency, client or director's cuts are not permissible. There is only the one Final Cut.

6. All created content can be added to the portfolio of the creators without restrictions on terms, locations and geography.

7. All created content can circuit all festivals without restrictions on terms, venues and geography.

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